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New WhatsApp Stickers Update - WhatsApp 2019

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WhatsApp 2019 is an instant messaging app for smartphones, if seen from the function of WhatsApp is almost the same with SMS app on Your phone. WhatsApp is a chat application which is best at this time. WhatsApp can be used for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, Samsung, Mac OS, and Nokia. WhatsApp this app allows You to send messages without the need to spend the MESSAGE. WhatsApp itself is a relatively very easy, You just need to register Your number on this application. Then automatically, all Your friends are already using WhatsApp will be shown in Your contacts.

Features the new Whatsapp sticker android, not only android, smartphones based on iOS can also enjoy the new features when launched. Thus certainly will create the appearance and performance of whatsapp more interesting and more fun to use. With Whatsapp stickers, we will feel a different sensation, for those of You who never use the Line You can feel the thrill and benefits of stickers to participate and add to the fun and interesting when we were chatting in person and chat in the group chat.

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Although already launched and officially announced it. But this feature is not yet fully can be enjoyed evenly for android and iOS users all over the world including one in Indonesia. We've done the experiment and it turns out it is true that this feature can not be enjoyed, but after we experimented with other android devices turns this feature can be used.

For those of you who are lucky can already enjoy the new features of this whatsapp, of course you still confused how to use or How to Send Sticker to Whatsapp on Android or iOS, for ansa users line or never use the line it can be sure you can easily use it. Once again we remind and we emphasize to you the Whatsapp users if this new feature can not be enjoyed by all users of whatsapp, so please be patient arena everything will certainly enjoy the new features of whatsapp, but for a while let the whatsapp complete the project that is being done. Source : Download WhatsApp 2019

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